About Us

GoFli™ was founded to answer our question, "Why isn't there a product which does this?"
Do you ever see a product which solves a problem you've had for so long that you've adapted your life around it?  You may not even realize it's a problem until you see the product and think, "Of course!"
At GoFli™, we strive to be the creator of those products.
Message from Founder:

As a medical device engineer, I would build catheters and understand what intricacy and skill were required to do it.  I would then imagine ways to improve the manufacturing processes. I was lucky. That was part of my job, and there were plenty of ways to make the processes better.

I later moved to research and development where I got to play in the sandbox of coming up with solutions to other companies’ problems.  Over many years I sharpened the skill of looking at problems from many different points of view and coming up with a variety of approaches to solve them.

Starting GoFli™ is the next step in this process of applied creativity.  Whether from personal experience or watching and listening to other people, we find plenty of instances where people deal with problems that a well designed product would solve.  At GoFli™, our focus is to identify neglected needs or areas of improvement, primarily mechanical challenges, and develop concepts to address those needs.

Our first product set is the Connector Protector.  We see it as creating the protection for your original Apple charging or data cables; the Lightning Cable and the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter.  It's designed to withstand the stress of normal wear and tear of using your cable without needing to treat it gently.  We're currently working on other products for additional cable protection.  Subscribe for our updates or check back on the website periodically.