Thank you for choosing the Connector Protector for protecting your Apple cable from kinks and breaks due to normal use.
We have designed our products to be intuitive, but there are a few things we need to mention about assembly and use:
•The Connector Protector is only designed to fit charging cables manufactured by Apple. Even if you can fit it on another cable manufactured by another company for Apple products, we have no idea how it will or won't work on those cables. Only use it for its intended purpose.
There are a few things which make the Connector Protector design work:
•Both the nest and the cover need to fit snugly around the connector it was designed for.  Because it's so snug, it may require some manipulation to snap it together.
•It has a very low profile which makes a smooth transition from the connector to the cable which allows the cable to bend gradually.
•The cover must snap tightly to the nest around the entire exposed face of the connector, cable and tube.
There are several ways to snap the cover onto the nest over the connector, tube and cable. The way which we found the best is as follows:
1. Lay the connector, cable and tube completely into the nest.
2. Slide the tip of the cover with the flex ribs over cable as it exits the tube.
3. Gently, but firmly push the tip of the cover over the cable towards the matching end of the nest.
4. As it gets close to the tip of the nest, press in the flex ribs which are not yet inserted.  You may need to wiggle the part between the flex ribs and the connector cover, and finally the connector cover.  Make sure that every part of the cover is completely inserted into the nest, and all mating parts come together so that all edges are flush.
If you have any questions or comments, please submit them in our "Contact Us" page.  We'll get back to you as soon as we can.